WW2 Circled Star Premium Ultra Soft Tees.

Liberty Maniacs

The History

Before Normandy it was common for American vehicles overseas to carry a simple white star as an identifier. But in the dust and confusion of battle the US star could occasionally be mistaken for a German Cross at ranges over 1000 yards. In fact, tankers and armored units began painting out the stars to avoid becoming a casualty of ‘friendly fire’, especially from allied air units. The problem got so bad that in this period the term “American Luftwaffe” was coined. Experienced units like the 2nd Armored actually started painting out their stars altogether.

After D-Day vehicles were refitted with a circle around the white star which largely solved the friendly fire issue until Berlin fell.

Today it’s a powerful symbol to remind us not to mistake each other for the enemy. In the dust and confusion of mass media and social media, where opinions fly, and passions fly even higher, it’s easy to forget who the real enemy is.

Let's keep the friendly fire down, boys. There's too much work to do.

Keep in mind these tees run a little small for some guys. If you like your shirts a little roomier, order a size up. These have amazing colors that go great with jeans, a sportcoat, or even hanging out at the pool in Bermuda shorts and sandals. An R&R classic. 

  • Piece dyed, garment washed
  • 40 singles ultra fine 100% Egyptian Cotton Jersey
  • Fabric washed
  • Side seamed for superior quality fit
  • Lightweight


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