Dan McCall



Dan McCall is an American artist, designer, and founder of Liberty Maniacs. Inspired by his family's history and the love of freedom, Dan's career has focused on themes of liberty and liberation. 

Renowned for his parodies of the NSA, DHS, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders which sometimes became notable court cases, he's also well known for his illustrations and design work.

His work can be found in art museums, books, and movies, as well as on t-shirts and prints all over the world; not to mention as memes all over the internet. 

He lives with his wife and three boys a stone's throw away from the Mississippi River in the state of Minnesota.

He's been around the block a bit, so you might have seen his work - or controversy over his work - in places like the Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, The Daily Beast, ABC, Fox News, Le Monde Magazine, Buzzfeed, CBS, USA Today, The Nation, Salon, The New York Times, Washington Post, MSN, The Star Tribune, TechDirt, The Pioneer Press, Mashable.com, Reason Magazine, Business Insider, and others. (Excuse the name-dropping, but my wife always tells me that if I don't tell you, nobody else will.)