About Us

What is Liberty Maniacs?

Liberty Maniacs is about freedom and independence. Our business is all about crafting design and merchandise that celebrates freedom, and occasionally having a little fun with those that create obstacles to your freedom.

I'm Dan McCall. I'm an artist and designer that started Liberty Maniacs over 20 years ago as a project to make my own brand of liberty-minded stuff I couldn't find anywhere else. Years later, I've found there are millions of people all over the world that have a different take on life just like me. Liberty Maniacs is for us.

Why the name "Liberty Maniacs?"

Many of the themes my work deals with are social and political, and people get pretty serious about them. I figured it's hard to take yourself too seriously with a silly name like Liberty Maniacs.

I've also always considered myself something of a libertarian, or strong believer in individual liberty of thought and action. In fact, one might even say I'm an obsessive enthusiast of liberty. So the name fits.

I've heard that term "Libertarian" before. What does it mean?

I'll keep it simple because if you have a room full of people that call themselves "libertarian" you'll probably get as many definitions. Then they'll start arguing about it, and you'll just lose interest. 

Libertarianism is a view that upholds liberty as its principal objective. In other words, when something in society is done, libertarian-minded people generally want it to be done in a way that respects, or even increases, everyone's freedom. 

Libertarians are also often interested in things like maximizing autonomy and freedom of choice, voluntary association, protecting individual judgment, and privacy.

There is a Libertarian political party in the United States, but we are unaffiliated with it. 

Where are you located?

A stone's throw away from the Mississippi River, an hour north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. However, your stuff is typically produced and shipped for you in California or on the East Coast. We do have a secret batcave in Europe that we ship from too for all of you maniacs overseas.

Liberty Maniacs seems all over the map politically. What's with that?

Liberty Maniacs is independent and believe people don't need any other label than their names. Hopefully, our stuff reflects that. If there are people, corporations, governments, or organizations acting against liberty, you're darn tootin' we'll find creative ways you can wear something worth saying. 

Didn't you get into some trouble a while ago with the NSA?

I did. I actually sued the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security on free speech grounds in federal court over my parodies. Both agencies issued illegitimate cease and desist orders on my designs, causing international outrage that lead to both agencies setting out of court in February of 2014. The agencies agreed to pay my federal court filing fee and admit that their take down letters were wrong.  (Using the most byzantine, equivocal legalese possible, of course.)

You can't live free without free speech. It's everything to Liberty Maniacs, and we'll never stop fighting to protect it and expand it.

Didn't you have a 1st Amendment legal battle with Hillary Clinton's & Bernie Sander's campaigns?

Yeah. As if the 2016 presidential race wasn't weird enough, Hillary Clinton's super PAC came after me for my parodies of her. 

Then later on Bernie Sander's campaign came after me for a joke I did about his being a socialist.  

Thankfully because of the amazing support of thousands of free-speech-loving people in America and across the world, in each case the candidates ended up folding their case against us as the outrage began to spread. 

Throughout it we didn't back down and kept selling the offending parodies as the lawyers did their lawyering. 

So are you guys really just right wingers that hate liberals and progressives?

No. There's enough material to have fun with the left, right, and everything in between when it comes to politics. It's our belief that liberty isn't left or right. In fact, we're not too keen on that whole dichotomy to begin with. 

The real important division in politics is between the powerful and the average citizen. Between the elites with authority and privilege, and individuals and families who just want to live their lives in peace. That's where out activism sits.

You've likely commented yourself that the divisions between parties and left and right don't make much sense anymore. We agree. 

Why do you give politicians and government agencies such a hard time?

The short answer is because they often deserve it.

I don't make fun of anything or anyone out of hate. In fact, I try and make fun of my own beliefs as just much as anyone else's, but I don't think I'm doing my job if I'm not pushing the envelope. 

People are complicated, and often so are the things that people believe and do. My mission is to bring a little bit of levity and inspiration to these things in a unique way you can't get anywhere else. I want you to wear something worth saying with humor, intelligence, and style. 

If you ever think I've gone over the line, just let me know! I love to hear your opinions.

Are your products eco-friendly?

Yes. Our printing method is the most environmentally neutral process available in the world. All our shipping products are either 100% recyclable or fully biodegradable. Bubble wraps are made from a minimum of 15% recycled plastic and 10% post-consumer content. Our kraft tubes are made from 70-100% post-consumer recycled content and 0-30% secondary recycled content. Most of our shirts are 100% cotton and use eco-friendly inks. 

Liberty Maniacs is all about leaving the world better than we found it. Freer, cleaner, and healthier.  

More answers to your favorite questions can be found at our fan-favorite FAQ page

For over 20 years people from all over the world have been wearing Liberty Maniacs apparel.