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We Want Weed Poster

Gentlemen, it's time to take to the streets like the concerned citizens we are. The time has long since passed that we can let the ravages of policy by idiocracy root out our peaceful neighborhoods. Gentlemen fed up with the Volstead Act in the 1930s took to the streets. They wanted their beer. They wanted their spirits. They wanted to be treated like grown men that could partake in a beverage without a society-imploding catastrophe ensuing. They wanted the black market gangsters tossed into the ash heap of history. They did this and were heard. 

Prohibition is dumb. And not just "oops I made a boo boo" dumb. It's a socially-corrosive, freedom-killing nightmare every time it's tried that turned our police forces into corrupt thugs and our streets into gangland battlegrounds. The sort of policy that makes a person scratch their head as they read that the United States imprisons more people than any place on Earth and wonder what they hell went wrong with people that they can't see how messed up it all is. 

But you know this. Hell, you probably knew this since you did a class speech on drug legalization in the 10th grade. It's not rocket science. 

The unintended consequences of teetotalism are the same now as they were in the Al Capone era. Besides, civilized people don't throw other people in cages for smoking a weed. 

So as the finger-wavers of generations past go the inevitable way of the dinosaurs with their weird bigotries and clumsy illusions of authoritarianism, let's clean up this joint. Let's rid the streets of the predators capitalizing on the dark opportunities of mind-numb prohibition and raise our signs of freedom, proclaiming "We Want Weed!"

 These posters are available in multiple sizes and printed on archival papers and high quality archival inks with a 90+ year rating.

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