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Tempus Occit Omnes Time Kills All Embroidered Patch

Tempus Occidit Omnes means "time kills all" and is a Latin phrase that reflects the universal truth about time—the inevitability of change and the transient nature of all things. The motto signifies that, over time, all things will eventually come to an end or change. It underlines the passage of time as an equalizer, affecting all things, no matter their stature or endurance.

In the context of the motto "Momento Mori," which reminds individuals of their mortality, "Tempus Occidit Omnes" further emphasizes the relentless march of time. It encourages individuals to reflect on the impermanence of life and the transitory nature of everything in the world. It aligns with the idea of living life to its fullest, appreciating every moment, and recognizing the value of time while acknowledging the finite nature of existence.

• 26% cotton, 74% polyester
• 3″ (7.6 cm) in diameter
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin

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