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The Right to Bare Arms Tuff Tank Top

The right to bare arms shall not be abridged, dirtholes. It's friggn Constitutional. Let's show the public that the term "small arms" is a verifiable misnomer in your particular case. 

The tuff tank is our latest gym rat innovation that is really more like a retrovation even though that word is totally made up, and admittedly somewhat lame. Why? Well, it's made to outlast most human relationships and could feasibly be passed down to your children if you had any idea how to properly do laundry. In an age of planned obsolecence, we tried to make these as sartorially enduring as a 1970s refridgerator.

These are mid-to-heavy weight just like your commitment to showing off your guns. And while these tanks are of a greater heft material-wise, they still have an ultra soft hand because we invested in fancy combed ringspun cotton. Think of the fabric as a tight knit veteran death squad of comfort. Or something like that.

Bottom line, these are damn funny shirts made well for tough workouts and not just beachside galavanting. Plus they're guarenteed as always.

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