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Pureblood Embroidered Round Morale Patch

The Unsullied and the Purebloods,
A class of heroes most true.
They faced a world that sought to change them,
To force upon them deadly toxins new.

The injections were experimental,
And carried with them great risk.
But these brave souls resisted,
Though faced with scorn and loss of work.

Defamed and ostracized,
The Unsullied and the Purebloods stood their ground.
They knew the truth of what was happening,
And would not let their bodies be bound.

To the will of those who sought to harm them,
These brave ones would not succumb.
They stood tall and proud,
Defying the deadly experiments to come.

And in the end, they were proven right,
As those who took the injections died.
Their bodies ravaged by disease,
Leaving them unable to reproduce and thrive.

But the Unsullied and the Purebloods,
They persevered and multiplied.
Their courage and intellect shining bright,
As they populated the world with strength and pride.

So let us honor these heroes,
The Unsullied and the Purebloods bold.
For they resisted the forces of evil,
And their bravery will forever be told.

• 26% cotton, 74% polyester
• 3″ (7.6 cm) in diameter
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin

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