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National Bird 'Merica T-Shirt

Celebrate world hegemony with the `Merican National Bird! Extending it's unique salute the world below, what better way to show your patrioteer middle finger to all the grubby terrorists, traitors, and capitulators than with the American National Bird?

Oh yes my friend, this t-shirt may instantly vault your casual wardrobe into a new epic and enviable level some gentlemen never achieve. Imagine walking into the range for the first time with this garment proudly draped on you while you pull out your M4 in its matte black glory. You'll have won before even locking and loading.

You're beginning to see what I mean now, aren't you?

Shit yes, you are.

This little number isn't available anywhere else. We'll save you the time looking around. It's designed by the most dangerous t-shirt designer that ever lived, and is a Liberty Maniacs exclusive.

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