I'm Ready for Oligarchy Mugs

When your friends start going on about how they're going to vote for Hillary Clinton this coming election, you can take a big swig of coffee out of this mug and explain how big of a free speech support she is when you tell them how she tried to ban this shirt.

Less than 6 months after defeating the NSAand DHSin a free speech case over our parodies in federal court, Hillary's Super PAC issued cease and desists for this parody we made when news came out that there was a good chance that Jeb Bush and Hillary would be running for president. All hell broke loose. Needless to say, when we threatened to take Hillary PAC to court to defend their insane attack on free speech and parody, they backed down about 10 minutes before the deadline. So forevermore we'll look at this mug as a token of victory against political bullies. And no, we're not ready for oligarchy, even if we're already in one.

All mugs are printed in the United States. The standard mug is imported, but there is a Made in the USA version available as well. 

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe

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