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Government Warning Poster

Government mandated warning labels are ubiquitous now. So why not have real government warning labels that bring attention to the biggest threat to life, limb, and property out there - the GOVERNMENT ITSELF!

States kill, maim, and despoil more than anything, yet we don't make a habit of simply warning the average citizen. That is until now! Make your political point with a little humor, and turn a few heads when people check out all the different statist dangers we deal with every time governments cross our path.

Reads: Warning: Trust in the ability of government to solve complex social problems has been shown to cause serious harm to human beings and destruction to private property.

Then it lays out all the different risks with iconographic splendor: Assault, theft, extortion, intimidation, collusion, kidnapping, electrocution, discrimination, trauma, and of course death.

Illustration by Dan McCall.  Museum quality prints on archival paper. Two sizes are available at 24x36 inches, and 18x24 inches.

Archival inks and papers used.

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