Goldwater 64 Presidential Campaign American Made Distressed T-Shirt

Mr. Conservative's 1964 campaign may not have had much of a chance against LBJ, but Goldwater's presidential bid did inspire a generation of American conservatism and likely set the stage for Reagan in 1980.

These "reproductions" are quite a bit nicer than any campaign shirt you would have gotten 50 years ago. In fact, we're pretty sure there weren't Goldwater campaign t-shirts. Even though more than a decade before 64 Dewey's campaign put out what was possibly the first promotional printed t-shirt in history, the trend didn't really pick up until closer to the 70s. 

So they're really not reproductions as much as historical fun. Like it's 1975 and you open up an old chest filled with college t-shirts and slap it on before jumping in your Camaro and grabbing a 6 pack of Pabst with the boys. 

These tees are made in America, with American cotton, by Americans, and shipped to wherever the hell you are factory direct. Just like back in the day. 



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