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Federal Reserve Vulture Seal Vintage Tees

Every single bill of out-of-thin-air fiat dollar we pass includes a little seal of the Federal Reserve banking cartel to remind us just who is in charge. Well, we thought it would be a good idea to make a few adjustments so that the emblem was more accurate.

You know the deal. The Federal Reserve remains the single most excruciatingly boring plot to subvert liberty in the history of the United States.So bad that you can barely explain it to your buddies without glazed over eyes and confused squints. The creation of the Fed in 1913 was so purposefully byzantine and convoluted that to this day that the average person scarcely knows it exists. Certainly the average person doesn't know what it does.

We hope this shirt helps explain. It features a vulture atop a Federal Reserve building-shaped seal, with the motto The Federal Reserve United States Banking Cartel System: In Fraud We Trust.

Keep in mind they run a little small. But they have amazing colors that go great with jeans, a sport coat, or even hanging out at the pool in Bermuda shorts and sandals. 

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