Emma Goldman Voting Quote Shirt

Liberty Maniacs

If voting changed anything they'd make it illegal. - Emma Goldman

Shirt feature Emma Goldman's classic quote on cynicism on voting allowable dissent in early Twentieth Century democracy. Goldman lived at a time in America when women still hadn't taken the right to vote, so the snark was understandably bitter. However today the quote is almost as powerful as the political process is as ossified as ever. Controlled by powerful interests in business, media, and the political parties, the political dialogue is framed in a way that real debate is undermined, and the voices of everyday are silenced. 

These tees are our super soft, light weight, vintage short sleeve crew necks mand in the U.S.A. They have amazing colors that go great with jeans, a sport coat, or even hanging out at the pool in Bermuda shorts and sandals. 

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