Dimmitt's Goliad Bloody Red Arm Vintage Shirt

Liberty Maniacs

A banner of defiance, and considered the first flag of Texan independence since of Captain Phillip Dimmitt raised it on December 20th, 1835.

An ardent Mexican republican, who even designed the Mexican tri-color flag, but as time passed Texans like Dimmit became increasingly dissatisfied with the Mexican regime. The bloody red arm, was meant to show a Texas completely separated from Mexico as an independent Republic. It represented the sentiment that Texans were willing to sacrifice and severe their right arms rather than live under tyranny and a dictator.

The Dimmitt Goliad is the first Flag of Texas Independence, but liberty lovers and history buffs everywhere can’t help but love this classic flag of American resistance.

  • Piece dyed, garment washed
  • Supremely soft, superior quality jersey knit
  • 40's 100% Cotton Jersey; Heather Grey 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton
  • Fabric washed
  • Side Seamed


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