Carlin Was Right Ladies Athletic Grey Tee

How much do you miss that man? There are basically two types of intelligent life in this world; those who like George Carlin, and those who love him. 

I'm pretty sure the rest aren't technically real people. At any rate, this tee is printed locally on American Apparel tri-blend goodness about a stone's throw from where the man lived. It's a tribute to the legend of comedy, and one of the most acerbic wits the world had to offer. Comedic genius is thrown around often, but in the case of Carlin it's indisputable. 

Just be warned, this shirt elicits A LOT of positive feedback while you're strolling about. So prepare for a lot of "sweet shirt, man!" "Hell yeah he was!" and, "You're goddamned right!

These soft vintage feel t-shirts come pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making sure that your size and color will hold up with time. These t-shirts are specifically cut to flatter feminine curves.

  • Double-stitched neckline
  • Feminine silhouette
  • Pre-washed
  • Printed In Los Angeles


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