Bernie Is My Comrade Coffee Mug

Bernie is My Comrade. Boost your cred with the reds in your life, or have a keen mug as you shake your fist at capitalism on Instagram while your sipping your boutique coffee in the quiet accommodations of air-conditioned Western capitalism. 

 Featuring presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the whole gang - Karl "Stinky" Marx, Friedrich "Sugar Daddy" Engels, Vlad "The Dome" Lenin, Uncle Joe, and the Chairman of LMAO himself. 

People will wonder if you are making fun of Bernie or if you are actually a red. You'll laugh, sip with a smile, and wonder why they even give a shit. Either way it's a win win, no?

These make beautiful gifts. Okay, not in the traditional sense. But imagine the smile your conservative father in law who can't decide between Ted Cruz and Jebediah Bush the 19th for president will get when he opens this bad boy up.  How about that scarf-wrapped douchelord you love to troll; just imagine gifting this. Oh yes, my friend. The possibilities are endless.  

 Ships factory direct from Los Angeles. You can only get these here at

  • Printed in California by 

  • Design printed on both sides

  • Ceramic

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Microwave safe

  • 15 oz Large mug and 11 oz standard mug


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