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Bernie Is My Comrade Poster

ith the lovable personality of a drowsy badger and the voice of a bullfrog, Bernie is your comrade in fighting the good fight against oligarchical imperialism, exploitative corporatism, economic logic, electoral probability, male pattern baldness, Clintonian coronation, and whatever other Sisyphean task you can shake your fist at.

This shirt includes a pantheon of socialist paladins just to confuse, fascinate, and cause the finger-wagging nitpicking partisan to hilariously instruct upon the proper definition of socialism while everyone within a five foot radius rolls their eyes in aversion.

Update: Apparently The Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign wasn't Feeling this Bern, and has furnished us with a rather silly cease and desist. Learn more here.

Available in sizes 10x 8 inch, 16x12 inch, 18x12 inch, 20x16 inch, 24x18 inch, and 36x24 inch.
Saying these are a statement in any room might be a bit of an understatement. Printed on museum-quality posters made on thick, durable, matte paper. Archival, acid-free paper with high quality 90+ year rated inks.

Illustration by Dan McCall.

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