7 Things You Were Never Taught About A Proper Fitting T-Shirt


Every man has a t-shirt drawer of some kind.  For some of us the sartorial simplicity of the tee is a something we just can't do without. From the stark blank tee, to the graphic tee, it's a casual staple as much as a personal canvas of self expression. 

Regardless of what type of t-shirt you prefer, it's rare when anyone actually explains to a guy what a properly fitting t-shirt is. Many of us have slogged through life looking like poorly-stuffed dufflebags or a spoof of a 1970s movie for way too long - which is fine, don't get me wrong. As I write I'm wearing a t-shirt that breaks at least half of these rules, but the difference is nobody is going to see me in the comfy, tarp-like monstrosity.

Like anything, personal preference rules the day, but if you want 7 hard and fast rules for how a man's tee should generally fit, this is a reference point for not looking like a doofus. 

  1. The fit of a t-shirt depends on your body type. For bigger guys: Look for a naturally fitting shirt that sits comfortably (not tightly) on your body. For trimmer guys: Opt for a more slim- or snug-fitting option.

  2. V-neck collars elongate the neck, which makes 'em ideal for shorter dudes lookin' to create the illusion of height. They also work for bigger guys because they slim down a frame. But avoid deep v-necks unless you're making some sort of statement because the "v" should end right at the top of your sternum.

  3. A crewneck will square your shoulders and make your chest appear wider. It's also generally a better choice for guys with longer necks.

  4. The sleeves should end at the middle of your bicep. No shorter or longer.

  5. The sleeve holes should tighten once you put two fingers in-between the fabric and your skin.

  6. Regardless of your body shape, always avoid baggy, oversized t-shirts. They’ll emphasize the negatives, no matter how big or small you are.

  7. The shirt should end right below your belt buckle.

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