Drinking While the GOP Master Debates | The Debate Drinking Game

It's simple, just follow the rules and make it through the experience. Everything you'll need to know is below. Good luck.

For those of you wonks looking for a little more, we also have the Candidate Drink Board, where you drink every time a candidate mentions something specific.

If you really want to make Friday a sick day, you can drink more swigs the closer to the center of the 10-sided polygon of inebriation you get on the board. For instance, if Huckabee uses his 15 seconds of time to speak on accusing the Clintons of some sort of criminality, you swig 4 times. You get the picture.



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DEBATE GAME THREAD: Rand Paul comes out swinging against Donald J. Trump when The Donald wouldn't make the pledge to respect the GOP nomination amidst muffled boos.

Posted by LibertyManiacs.com on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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