Welcome to the Liberty Maniacs


Since the beginning, Liberty Maniacs has been on the forefront of made to order commerce.  Partnered with the biggest names in the business, and some of the most amazing people we made a little name for ourselves along the way, and more importantly an amazing clientèle from around the world. 

In 2013 we ran into problems when we had to defend ourselves against cease and desist letters sent to a manufacturing partner by NSA and Department of Homeland Security over our parodies.  Again in 2014 the same thing happened when we made a gag about Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush possibly running for president just months after winning out case against the NSA and DHS.  This time lawyers for Hillary Clinton threatened legal action until we told them that we'd see them in federal court.

After some soul searching, a few trials, and a whole lot of discussion, we decided to make this store. This shop is a sort of an homage to free speech. We knew we wanted to keep manufacturing fast and responsive here in the United States like always, using the latest technologies, but we also wanted to make sure that any future challenges to our right to free expression would be directed to us, and us only.

So we're focused on making this shop a place where you can get some of our freshest, newest stuff, direct from the source. We hope you enjoy it, and look forward to this new chapter for Liberty Maniacs with you.

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