New Add To Wishlists Feature


Save, manage, and share your master list of Liberty Maniacs products with our new wishlist feature. It's easy, and saves you time whether you're building a list for you or needing great ideas for that special free spirit in your life.


Add Items

Add any product to your wish list by clicking the ADD TO WISHLIST link below the ADD TO CART button. 

 Click the add to wishlist button

Once clicked, you can navigate to your wishlist here to see the items. 


Manage Items

 Once in your wishlist you are able to see all of the products on you list. 

Your wishlist view

If you click on any of the products you can manage what size, color, or other variant you prefer with a quick view option. You can also cycle through each product with the arrows on either side. 

 Quick view within your wishlist

You can also manage your list on other devices by adding your email to our system by clicking the GEAR icon at the top right. Or add a burner email for this specific instance. It's all up to you. 

Get your wishlist on other devices

You can also simply TURN OFF the wishlist if you're done with it by clicking the red TURN OFF button. 


Share Items

Now that you've perfected your list you can share it. Click the envelope icon at the top right of your wishlist and you can send emails with a message to anyone. 

Share your wishlist via email

 Try it out for yourself! Click here to enter your wishlist.