Trump El Chapo 2016 Shirt

Liberty Maniacs

When it comes to politics, everyone knows that nice guys finish last. And when it comes to arrogance and downright fiendish politicians, the seasoned gentleman understands there's no use settling for pantywaist imitators. Great things in today's political oligarchy don't happen with suited puppets dancing to whistles of well–heeled banker overlords. Oh no siree bob. The real deal not only needs the sociopathic conceit to think he can beat the system, but also the sort of right hand man who will slit throats and gut sons of bitches like fish while listening to Enrique Iglesias on his golden iPod. 

That's why the billionaire boys club of Donald Trump and Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is the perfect ticket. Sure, El Chapo pretty much explained that he wants to eat The Donald's brain out of his skull for his comments about the Mexican government shipping "criminals and rapists" to the US of A, but these things blow over. 

Besides, just imagine the guy debating whomever Hillary chooses! Guy better have good insurance.

TRUMP / El CHAPO 2016!

  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Lightweight, 30 singles ring spun cotton 
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Ladies size down one for better fit
  • Shoulder taping to keep size
  • Slightly tapered, modern cut

Our baby-knit 100% combed ringspun cotton tees are lightweight, super soft, pre-shrunk, and durable. They have a tapered, fashion cut that is made to fit men perfectly, but also fits women great as well.

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