This Machine Kills Fascists Mug

Liberty Maniacs

"This Machine Kills Fascists" was a sticker on legendary American folk singer Woody Guthrie's guitar, that has inspired many generations of artists to use their craft as a vehicle for challenging injustice in the world through creativity and elevating the human spirit. Woody stated that the idea came from inscription “ESTA MÁQUINA MATA FASCISTAS” painted on the sides of Republican airplanes used in the Spanish Civil War to fight Franco's forces such as this Polikarpov I-15. 

This Russian-donated Polikarpov I-15 holds an example inscription “ESTA MÁQUINA MATA FASCISTAS.”

We thought you might want the same sort of emblem of resistance as you worked on whatever coffee-fueled project was in front of you. These mugs are printed in the United states. One version is imported, the other is manufactured in the USA.

A great gift for coffee or tea lover that works hard to make the world a better place, and doesn't hide from sticking it to the man while they do it. 

  • Ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • 11 oz size
  • This Machine Kills Fascists printed on both sides

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