Oligarchy 2016 Election Shirt

Liberty Maniacs

If you can't beat em, then at least mock the hell out of them. Our elite corporate overlords and their pet elected sociopaths are up to their same old names and same old games. This time with America's top two political mob families facing off again in what could be the most cynical orgy of oligarchy this country has ever seen.

It's almost funny how stupid it all is. So naturally it's our duty as the fading remnant of non morons to makes as much fun of this slow motion shitshow as possible with some seriocomic fun until the whole thing sinks into whatever abyss a clown circus like this goes when it's all over.
  • 100% cotton jersey
  • Pre-shrunk
  • Ladies size down one for better fit
  • Shoulder taping to keep size

Our baby-knit 100% combed ringspun cotton tees are lightweight, super soft, pre-shrunk, and durable. They have a tapered, fashion cut that is made to fit men perfectly, but also fits women great as well.

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