I Have Mixed Drinks About Feelings Ladies T-Shirt

Liberty Maniacs

Oh stop it with the lecturing, will you? A stiff drink may not mend a broken heart. It might not fill a hole in the heart, and it may not dry a tear.  But it sure as hell helps manage the steady stream of bullshit. 

  • 100% organic fine jersey
  • Form-fitting
  • Made, printed, and designed in the USA, sweatshop-free. (Well, Dan considers his design studio a sweatshop, but that doesn't really count.)

Supposedly the softest organic t-shirt out there, this is a great alternative for the environmentally conscious. Combined with the sweatshop-free conditions in which this t-shirt was made, it makes for a generally clean-conscience bit of clothing. Add the benefits of the American Apparel tee - durability and quality, plus the form-fitting aspect of this women's tee, and you're set for the greatest t-shirt ever. 

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