Hollywood Propaganda Sign Mug

Liberty Maniacs

Since Leni Riefenstahl, film has been the most powerful medium for propaganda in human history. Regimes worldwide have used movies to frame narratives of the human experience to their advantage. The United States is not only no exeption, Hollywood has actually refined it into high art. In many cases, the US Pentegon and CIA has a long and cozy relationship with filmamkers and the studios. Other times, movies are just tools to grind political axes or distract us from uncomfortable truths that surrpound us. 

Whatever the case, freethinkers understand the game, and don't let artistic escapism become an escape from truth. Stoke up a great conversation about movies, entertainment, and the truth with this quality mugs exclusive at Liberty Maniacs.

• Ceramic
• Dishwasher safe
• Microwave safe
• White, glossy

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