Get in the Box Car Face Mask

Liberty Maniacs

This reusable face mask will fit you nicely thanks to its adjustable nose wire and elastic bands. Obey unconstitutional dictates from tyrannical local overlords while mocking groupthink, political idolatry, irrational fear, and general mass stupidity. This simple black muzzle won't do much of anything other than help you comfortably comply with the new authoritarian trend in our technocratic dystopia while making fun of it all.

If you're extra lucky, some humorless over-socialized Karen with a swollen amygdala will tell you that they're offended by the words on your mask. You can enjoy the moment with a smile or even stick your tongue out at them! They'll never know!

Just because civilization is collapsing under the weight of stupidity and authoritarianism doesn't mean you can't have a little fun! Right?

• 100% supersoft polyester microfiber
• Fabric weight: 2.4–2.5 oz/yd² (80-85 g/m²)
• Nose wire that helps adjust the mask
• Elastic bands with PVC earloop size regulators
• Pocket for a filter or napkin
• Washable and reusable

Size guide

Height (inches) 7 ⅛
Width (inches) 7 ¼
Earloop circumference (inches) 11 ¾

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