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Free Assange Recycled Cuffed Beanie

Show your support for actual journalism and Julian Assange with these recycled knit beanies. The most powerful government in the world is trying to extradite a journalist and try him under the Espionage Act for exposing its war crimes. It is that simple.

Left, right, up and down; we all have an interest in defending journalism and the primary reason for a free press. Support now!

• 50% recycled polyester and 50% acrylic
• Double layer knit
• Cuffed beanie
• 8.27″ (21 cm) in length
• Ships from both the USA and Europe

Size guide

A (inches) 17 ¾-25 ¼
B (inches) 8 ¼
C (inches) 2 ¾
D (inches) 7 ½

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