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Cthulhu Fed Graphic T-Shirt

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Originally before the Federal Reserve bank even existed in the United States one man had the vision to see and understand how this privately owned central bank would grow to have its influence, or tentacles, wrapped around the neck of the U.S. Capital down to the smallest rural farm in America. This man was Alfred Owen Crozier and he wrote the book “U.S. Money Vs. Corporation Currency - Aldrich Plan” in 1912. Along with many illustrations in this book was the illustration of “The Octopus” (which we sell here) which had the astounding foresight to show how this purposed system would touch every financial institution in the United States. Crozier’s foresight has led us to raise “The Octopus” to a mythical status with this new design by Scott Woodbury which now depicts this mythical creature was once again brought back to life in 1928 by writer H. P. Lovecraft in his short story “The Call of Cthulhu”.

This subterranean hydra allows us to see just how insidious and enormous the FED has become in the United States and across the globe. We must continue the call to END THE FED or we all shall surely see the total destruction that the Cthulhu can wage upon the world. That is unless we kill it first.

• Fine jersey
• Slim fit
• Double stitched
• made in the USA, sweatshop free

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