Zen of Donald Trump Meditation All Over Print Tank Top

Liberty Maniacs

With the subtlety of a gilded blow horn blaring speed metal and the confidence of a thoroughbred stud at a my little pony sleepover, The Donald doesn't exactly wrap his opinions in the delicate, flowery language of political orators past. Loved and hated alike for his point-blank bluster, we tried to encapsulate the zen of Donald in one full-color, high resolution visage of irrepressible irreverence.

Sitting in a meditative state, Mr. Trump sits flipping the tall man to the world, with an orange faced glow of confidence. An ultra-soft-to-the-touch feel. The tanks are 100% Polyester Jersey and made in America, sweatshop free.

• 100% Polyester Jersey construction
• Unisex
• Made in America, sweatshop free

Note: Though not as pronounced on tank tops, the sublimation printing process can and will create smudges, blurs and creasing near edges, seams and collars of the garment. Each shirt is printed with unique flaws. This is a normal aspect of the all over sublimated printing process. 

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