COVID-19 Update

Updated June 6th

Along with the safety of everyone here at Liberty Maniacs, our top priority is to continue to provide uninterrupted service to our customers across the world. With shelter in place orders at our domestic facilities, we are working at reduced capacity. Our peak delays have decreased 80% for most items. However, we are still seeing waits of 2 weeks or so for many shirts. 

Since our last Covid-19 update, we've been keeping our teams safe and scaling up to meet demand. We're using 9 backup facilities throughout the world, a production facility just opened in Spain, and a new facility is planned for Canada. We're continuing to see order volume that's typical during the Black Friday shopping season. So adapting to that spike in growth while following social distancing and health guidelines has been challenging. 

We've been making good progress, but we're not in the clear yet. We want to share another update about what we've been doing and what you need to know.  


Here's what that means:  

  • Our fulfillment teams are working on a voluntary basis. Everyone who is healthy and willing to work is welcome to. Those who can already work from home. But has lockdowns are ended more are returning.
  • We have been working at a reduced capacity, so production will likely take longer than usual. We've been increasing printing capacity for shirts 18% this week and embroidery 16%.
  • We're taking extra measures to keep our fulfillment teams safe. We're staggering shifts, maintaining a 6-foot distance between each station, setting up partitions at tables in our break rooms, and distributing PPE such as safety masks and gloves. There is an on-site wellness clinic with health consultations available 24/7 over the phone for workers.
  • We will continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and US Department of State, local governments, and health agencies.
  • Be prepared for delays. Our fulfillment times will be longer than usual for most product categories. The entire industry is grappling with challenges and we're seeing delays in our supply chain, including distributors and shipping carriers.

This is a difficult time for everyone and we're working hard to adapt to this new reality. We're committed to keeping our employees safe and giving them the means to provide for themselves and their families. We're also committed to supporting our customers. 

We're closely communicating with our suppliers to make sure they can supply us with adequate stock levels from their distributed network of wholesalers. We're thankful for your patience and assure you we will get your items to you as we always guarantee. Even Amazon has expressed that it's experiencing delays of up to 1 month, and we're working on making our items available there as well in a fairly seamless manner. 


You can continue to expect shipping delays worldwide. It's hard to give specific estimates because not all carriers update detailed data, and not all orders have tracking. As of now, we've observed that US domestic orders may take up to an additional 5 days on top of the estimated delivery time. Orders from the US to Canada can take an additional 7 days.

Shipping times within Europe are back to normal. We have a new facility in Spain and will be expanding that facility rapidly.

Orders shipping from Europe to North America and Australia/New Zealand are taking much longer to ship; on average, we're seeing an additional 15 business days. Now, we're only routing North American and AUS/NZ orders to Europe when it's a product that can't be fulfilled in the US.

This should begin rapidly decreasing in Australia as we have 2 new backup facilities we will be using starting mid-July. 

Note on Neck Gaiters Face Masks

Our production departments are prioritizing masks because of demand and frankly, with masks being mandated in many communities and workplaces, we're committed converting production to help get America and the rest of the world back to work. 

These masks are taking about 8-10 days to fulfill. Why? They are quality articles made by skilled seamstresses, and because we have just started making them, they are made to order. That's right my friends, these things are made right here in North America and Europe depending upon where you're ordering from and shipped as soon as they're made for you. Factory direct.

Also, demand has been increasing dramatically over the last couple of weeks. But as we’re able to ramp up production those times should go back down. Our seamstresses can only sew so many a day.  

Fulfillment estimates currently 

United States EU 
Printed Apparel 15-20 business days 2-7 business days
Cut & sew 7-12 business days 5-10 business days
Neck gaiters 5-8 business days 4-5 business days
Embroidery 11-16 business days 2-7 business days
Laptop sleeves - 2-5 business days
Phone cases 2-5 business days 2-5
Jewelry 1-2 business days 2-5
Face mask 3 packs 2-5 days 2-5
Home & living 2-5 business days 2-5
Mugs 2-5 business days 2-5


What's happening to my orders?

We are continuing to go fulfill orders, although fulfillment time will take longer than our previous maximum or 7 days. We're routing orders to where they'll be fulfilled most efficiently, whether that's to one of our in-house branches or a backup facility.

What's happening to keep production and shipping teams safe?

We have implemented company-wide work from home policies. Everybody who can has been working from home for the past few weeks. This includes Customer Care staff and designers. (Basically, Dan is at his home studio baking up all sorts of crazy masks and Coronavirus t-shirts with a really bad quarantine haircut.)

Closed borders

We're disabling shipping to the following countries because they no longer accept incoming mail:

Angola, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameroon, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Gambia, Guatemala, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Malawi, Moldova, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Republic of the Congo, Senegal, Seychelles, Solomon Islands, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Uganda, Uruguay, Vanuatu, Venezuela, American Samoa, Bolivia, Botswana, Cayman islands, Chad, Cyprus, Djibouti, Ecuador, Fiji, French Polynesia, Honduras, India, Kuwait, Libya, Madagascar, Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, New Caledonia, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Tunisia, Zimbabwe.

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